uh hooh… what is this?!

I got a bad news from home… my townhouse which is vacant since I left is now totally empty and has been destroyed because of thefts. After the thieves took my belongings one by one, yesterday they broke the glasses of the windows, maybe because they did not found any valuable items inside. I am so sad and I won’t be able to ignore the fact that I am coming up against barriers everywhere. But no matter what happens, I won’t let my emotions dictate the course of these events. Yes I must forgive them and I have forgiven them as I always did thinking that anything they have stolen from me could help them in any ways and believing that all things that were lost will be replaced with something much better. I am still lucky because I don’t need to steal even if I have no salary for months, I can eat well and sleep peacefully at nights.  

6 responses to “uh hooh… what is this?!

  1. Oh Rei, That’s awful news I’m sorry this happened to you. Of course you are right, they are only things which hopefully can be replaced. You must visit and make things secure as soon as possible and now you’ve had something awful bad happen to ‘your property’ not you thankfully, something good will soon follow : )

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