my passive time

Happy Friday! 🙂

No office today, I woke up late hehehe take a bath then did a simple aerobic workout for an hour, rest for a while and ate my lunch (mutton curry with rice and half-round sweet melon). And now here in front of my computer reading for new blogs while soaking my laundry, I am really impress with people rich of ideas and thoughts to share. I wish I am a good writer so that I can start sharing also; I want to write all things in my mind and in my heart. But its okay, I know time will come that I can write well too. 🙂 By now I just want to read and enjoy your posts, thanks for blogging and thank you also for those who come to visit my blog.

Wait I took these pictures just now from my window… the view outside of our hotel… crowded building, blurry sky and almost no people and cars on the street. See… it’s sad but not too bad for me because I am not alone staying inside the room, others preferred to do so because it is hot outside and nothing to do there, the stores and shops are closed by 2 to 4pm. 🙂

Before leaving this place, I want to do something… to see, to walk and to lay in the desert sand… and of course to ride a camel. 🙂