blessed life

Every day I am thankful that I am still alive. I would say that if I am a cat, my nine lives have been consumed. 🙂 I know it is a superstition that cats have nine lives and I shouldn’t believe on it but like a cat I will always be a survivor.

First, I was born very small and weak; I was in incubator for a month before my parents brought me home and to carry me, they must lay me in a pillow. My parents said that my size is like a kitten, my scalp is very thin like a transparent plastic, my ears are curled like a bitter melon, and my urine is turbid and milky. Through proper medications and loving care of my parents, I was healed and grew up healthy.

Second, while sleeping our cat crawled and pawed me inside my crib, maybe she thought I am her kitten or a mouse because I was too small. 🙂 Though it did not caused me major injuries, the marks remained permanently especially in my left eyebrow… but thankful that I was not blinded.

Third, at age of three while my Mama is preparing a cup of milk I accidentally wrenched the kettle filled with boiled water. It was in the table which is almost same of my height then the hot liquid was poured into the right portion of my body. I don’t remember how much painful it was but somehow at early age, it helps me to be more careful in my actions. 🙂

Fourth, my parents and I are walking along the dike of rice fields. I am walking ahead of them and running away to catch grasshoppers, dragonflies, butterflies and other attractive insects there when the small twister carried and dropped me into the swamp. The distance is little far from them but thanks to my red umbrella that was fallen close to me, my parents found me easily… and me? hehehe I was covered with mud and they said that only my teeth are white.

Fifth, we are living near to a high-way… around the age of five I am playing outside our house and then I saw my puppy running and crossing on the road while the passenger bus is coming. I ran quickly to follow her without knowing that my Mama is also running next to me. I reached my pet and picked her up; the thick smoke has covered us when the bus stopped. Mama said that I am standing in front of it hugging my pet. The bus driver was very angry to her. He was shouted at her too much and Mama didn’t say anything. She knew that it was her fault. Mama said to me, if I died that time she will wait for the next bus to hit her too.

Sixth, I was eleven years old when my cousin and I are walking in the farm and then the lightning came and blasted the coconut tree which is near to us. We saw the sparkling line passing in front of us; we just stopped walking, hold our hands together and watched the coconut tree while burning. This is the most unforgettable incident to me that I felt too much afraid of.

Seventh, it was happened during my college life… I am walking from university to a friend’s house which is three blocks away only from school when suddenly there are people running behind me; it was two gangs who are fighting. They are slinging poisoned arrows and throwing stones. Accidentally one of them struck my right leg but the poisoned arrow just bounced and implanted in the flat galvanized metal walling of my friend house.

Eighth, my grandmother and I are waiting for the bus when a car stopped and the man inside was pointed me his gun and said, don’t move or else I will shoot you! I was shocked, I don’t know him and I don’t know if that was a joke… so I just smile at him and of course I didn’t move then he left. My grandmother was very nervous and got angry to me, she said why I gave him smile, how if he killed me? Well I just don’t know what to do during that time or maybe I have no fear of death. 🙂

Ninth, I am crossing in the road… I was in the right lane and the vehicles should be going to the north, there is an approaching car but still in distant so I cross but accidentally I was hit by another car from the left lane which is supposedly going to the south. The vehicles in the left lane were in heavy traffic, so this car that bumped me wants to overtake with other vehicles and the driver didn’t noticed me. My body was thrown under the coming vehicle from opposite side; cowering before its brake I saw the wheel rolling to press me but it didn’t. Then somebody pulled me out, I stand up and I felt I was fine. When I looked around there are many people surrounding us. I was ashamed so I ran away but the driver followed me. He took me to the orthopedic hospital, supported me for medicines and follow-up doctor visits.

Tenth, during our tour in Bohol, Philippines we have rented a car with the driver and unfortunately we got an old man to drive us. We have enjoyed too much all the places there but because we are travelling very slowly, it was then late in going back to the city. The heavy rain is falling and very dim then we found out that our car has no light and our driver has poor eye sight. So we are running like in a zigzag road and playing of bumpy cars, it’s just that we are bumping on the side by side of the roads. 🙂

Eleventh, after our Boracay tour we boarded the flight of Cebu Pacific from Kalibo to Manila, Philippines when the typhoon reached us, we are worried that our plane is flipping upside down in turbulence from time to time, there are things falling and rolling on the floor, and the passengers are screaming. The pilot announced that we are flying on exceeded limit of altitude to avoid the eye of the typhoon. After our unceasing prayers, we have landed safely.

Twelfth, on bus ride we are running along the overpass when our brake was lost. Our bus ran too fast and no definite direction until we have ended by demolishing the concrete fences of the road. We’re lucky that our bus did not fall down.

Thirteenth, from Capones Island to San Antonio, Zambales beach resort we rode in a small sport boat which is good for one to two persons only but we are five persons there so it is moving very slowly. Until the night arrived, the waves are becoming bigger and still we are sailing. Then our motor was stopped working and we cannot move forward… we are stranded in the middle of the sea. After five hours, the rescuers came to save us.

Fourteenth, next day in Zambales beach resort we are swimming with big waves and then my friends hold my hands, one on the right and other on the left. They said I am smaller than them s0 they will raise me up when the waves arrive and we will jump simultaneously with it. When the waves came to us, we are jumping and I am jumping as higher as I can do but still I am under the water. I felt I am drowning, I want them to let my hands free but they are holding me too tight. Later I did it then I swam and I was able to reach the seashore. Then I saw them up and down from afar and I waved my hands to let them to see me. Long time before they noticed me, they said they are so worried and thought I am missing that’s why they are looking for me out there.

Fifteenth, on our trip to El Nido Palawan our car was overheated and partially burned. A very sad day, we waited for the bus and returned to Puerto Princesa… we said to ourselves, better luck next time! 🙂

So far, these are the events in my life that I consider life threatening and I did survived. Not because of being a cat woman but through the help of God, by His blessings and by sending me a great guardian angel who is always by my side to protect and save me from any harms. I would like to say thank you very to God, thank you very much to my guardian angel, thank you very much for the love, and thank you very much for this life. And for everyone, thank you very much for reading my post! 🙂

How about you, do you feel the presence of your guardian angel? Do you experience a time when you are about to slide or fall then an invisible force pulled you up to restore your balance? I would be glad to read your stories. 🙂


my passive time

Happy Friday! 🙂

No office today, I woke up late hehehe take a bath then did a simple aerobic workout for an hour, rest for a while and ate my lunch (mutton curry with rice and half-round sweet melon). And now here in front of my computer reading for new blogs while soaking my laundry, I am really impress with people rich of ideas and thoughts to share. I wish I am a good writer so that I can start sharing also; I want to write all things in my mind and in my heart. But its okay, I know time will come that I can write well too. 🙂 By now I just want to read and enjoy your posts, thanks for blogging and thank you also for those who come to visit my blog.

Wait I took these pictures just now from my window… the view outside of our hotel… crowded building, blurry sky and almost no people and cars on the street. See… it’s sad but not too bad for me because I am not alone staying inside the room, others preferred to do so because it is hot outside and nothing to do there, the stores and shops are closed by 2 to 4pm. 🙂

Before leaving this place, I want to do something… to see, to walk and to lay in the desert sand… and of course to ride a camel. 🙂