The Philippines Native Dogs (Askal / Aspin)

The locals are calling them “ASKAL” the abbreviation for asong kalye meaning street dog and now “ASPIN” the abbreviation for asong Pinoy meaning Filipino dog. They are our native dogs who can be seen anywhere in the Philippines, mostly in the street playing with other dogs, in the dumpsites searching for something to eat and in the houses patrolling as a guard. Most of our people are taken them for granted, not recognizing their value and sadly, they are being hit by car intentionally and for worse, they are being slaughtered by the drunkard and cooked to be served as wine appetizer.

But for me, they are special and I love them. Since childhood we have them in our home and treated them as a member of our family. My first pet named Bantay, he is always by my side, walked and ran with me, played with me, swam with me, danced with me, ate with me and slept with me but unfortunately, one time we left him in the house then he was lost. Later on my parents found out that he was killed and cooked by our neighbour. I was so devastated so mother brought me a new puppy and I called him Puti. She is also great; she grew very smart and a fast learner. I taught her to sit down, stand up, to dance, and to open and close the door, to give or deliver a thing to me or other person she know, but one morning we woke up and found out that she is missing. Then a new pet came to us and we called him Tisoy because he looks handsome in his pointed nose. He just came to our house on New Year’s Eve then my mother gave him foods. From that time he stayed with us, so we gave him a name and welcomed him to our family. He is really meant to us, not just for fun he brought but a very good provider too. He is bringing us packet of vegetables, fruits, fishes and even meats. My parents asked the neighbourhood if they missed these from their kitchen and they said not from them, so my mother cooked it and served to us. Tisoy died by car accident. Then, a neighbour gave us a puppy and we called her Putim. She is very lovely but naughty. She loves children. She run after them and whoever she catches up with, she will take off the short or the pant. Later, she got sick and died. She has a son and we named him Hunter (photo below). Like our previous pets, he knows some tricks. But what I like him most… he is a good listener and my best companion. Every day he waits for me at the waiting shed after my class and when he saw me, he ran excitedly and wagged his bushy tail. Then we walked together going home and told him my story for the day.
















This is old Hunter, he looks so sad when I said goodbye. I felt the same, I don’t want to go away but I need to face the next phase of my life… to work, to live and to grow away from home. At the age of twelve years old he became deaf and died later. Until now I cherished all the memories we had and I will always remember and love my pets.

Many years have gone and I have no pet right now… I cannot bring a dog in my dormitory or even here in the hotel with me but at home, I am updated about our pets. My nephew who is a three years old boy just introduced me a while ago over the phone the two new members of our family. He gives his puppies with the names Chocho and Valentina respectively. I am happy to hear that and I am looking forward to see them too.

Like other dog breeds around the world, our Philippines native dogs are brilliant, loyal, reliable, caring, entertaining, lovely and friendly. They have a lot of stories in showing their affections and even taking risk of their life just to save their master’s life but still many of them are being neglected and sometimes maltreated. They don’t need special treatments, special dog foods and expensive dog dresses. Apparently they need love, attention and respect. We must protect them, not to kill them. Let us give them the right to live and the recognition they deserve. As we all know, the dog will always be our best friend.


My Life In Bahrain

Few days ago since I have created this account and I guess that you are asking for what this blog all about? Honestly until now, I don’t know also. In the meantime, I just want to share with you my life here in Bahrain. I am working and at the same time staying in a hotel for almost two years by now. My daily routine is home – office – home. Once in a blue moon before I can go outside, no social life at all and no Church on Sundays. Sometime I went to shopping center with a very limited time, two hours is long enough for the management, and they will start calling to ask where I am and what time I will come back. By the way we are allowed to go out but before that we need permission slip signed by the managing director. But then we cannot ask from time to time because he will raise so many questions then at the end he will not sign. So what for? I am just making my day stressful and mad. That’s why I prefer to stay at home most of the time. They are very strict and everybody is feeling like a prisoner here. But according to the management, they are doing this for our safety.

There are times also that I felt so bad, I am craving for some foods but I cannot buy from outside. We are not cooking here, our foods is free but the staff foods would be fried or boiled egg, burger, sausage, fried chicken, fried fish, mutton and overcooked mixed vegetables, usually eggplant, bitter melon, carrots, cauliflower, and potatoes. From time to time, I am calling for foods delivery from other restaurants but little costly because I need to order according to their pricing brackets to avail delivery service. I have to budget my money too, foods, personal supplies, monthly supports for my family and my monthly amortization for housing loans. Really, it is difficult to manage especially nowadays; our salary was delayed for four months. Though they are giving small amount of money for those with urgent needs, too much begging like asking of cash advance to be reciprocated in the future as debt of gratitude where in fact we are just getting our salaries which should be our own money already. Another thing, we will be receiving half salary for March because of the demonstrations during that month here in Bahrain. They said we have few guests and very small sales, so half-salary, too. The situation is really sad and I do understand that we have financial crisis now but giving our salaries late and less is degrading morally and professionally.

Everybody is crying but no one wants trouble so it’s better to accept and follow their rules whatever it is. Like me, I just want to go back to my home country soon but not easy too. We’ll go without salaries if we want to leave now or else, wait until they have raised funds for salaries and plane ticket. Well I would say I am not lucky as others do but I am still thankful for this life. I know that I am destined to be here for some reasons. Behind all these, I have learned to endure long suffering in life, I got chance to be patient too, I can stay at home now, practice centering myself and appreciate even the smallest and simplest things that I have. Then, I am praying also for all of us here to become strong in fighting depressions and hope to be healthy. I am still looking forward for this company to grow and improve their financial stability. Today, all I can say is… to wait… wait.. and wait.. I missed my family, my friends and my freedom!