a dream!

I had a dream last night, I am reading this line.. “thinking is the best practice..” I don’t know how to interpret this but maybe it is a reminder for me to think wisely. πŸ™‚ anyone here willing to interpret such kind of a dream?


4 responses to “a dream!

  1. I know its funny when you wake up and are confused by your dreams. Here’s a site I sometimes use its called ‘dream moods’ google it. You have to remember the things you saw and look them up. Hope that helps and thanks for the message made me smile : )

  2. I used to pay super close attention to me dreams. One day I realized the more important I made them, the more deep complicated dreams I had. When I stopped caring, I stopped having them and the stress of interpreting them clearly went away.

    • thanks for the comments πŸ™‚ honestly I am dreaming sometimes only and most of my dreams came true or happening at the same time while I am sleeping. I am ignoring it before but now I would like to understand it and as much as possible to get its message clearly, believing that it could help or guide me in any ways.

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