Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! just call me “Rei0411”, my preferred nickname here on net. I just took the letters from the words fire and aries followed by my birthdate so that you won’t forget to greet me on my birthdays and to let you know that I am accepting gifts in cash or in kinds. 😀 In Latin words “Rei” means “mindful”, nice isn’t it?

By the way I am new in blogging and honestly I have no idea what is going on here. I would like to join your circle to meet new friends, to learn and practice writing, to improve my english grammar, to enhance creativity and to exchange thoughts and ideas from all of you. Personally I am talkative person, I can speak the whole day continuously but when it comes to writing, I need to spend more time to compose even a simple and short mail.

I am looking forward for your supports and I hope that you will read and follow my postings in the near future. I will do my best to write something great that could be interesting for everyone. Any suggestion of topics would be appreciated.

Thanks to all!!! May God bless us all!


4 responses to “Hello Everyone!

    • thanks for asking 🙂 well from the most merciful God I am asking His blessing, for me blessing is a gift from God… and I am thinking and wishing of good luck and good fortune for everyone…

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